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Tiny hands and Tiny feet, capture a moment time that you can keep…


When a baby comes along the first thing we do is look at their tiny hands and tiny feet fascinated by just how small they are, imagine being able to capture this moment in time forever…


We are a small family run business that provide a professional friendly service to you and your little ones… we provide what we believe is the “ultimate keepsake” capturing a moment in time when your baby’s  hand and feet are so small.


We have over 19 years portrait photography experience and 15 years casting. I first started photography in the late 90s and soon started to specialise in baby portrait. I  started casting when a friend had it done on holiday and realised there wasn’t anything similar around at the time  so we set about teaching ourselves how to get the best results and have spent my time over the years perfecting the art form of bodycasting.


We take both photographs and casts of babies from newborns to 12 months…


we also capture that wonderful expectant time when the baby is still inside your tummy in the form of a pregnancy bump, normally best taken at 34-37weeks and then when the baby comes along you can have the baby’s photo taken curled up inside your finished bump… we cant think of a more beautiful keepsake…




Q.. Is it safe for my baby to have a cast?     A.. Yes the products we use are all natural. Alginate is used in the dental industry to take impressions. However when booking your sitting we will send you a skin test kit for your peace of mind


Q.. What is the casting procedure?    A.. The casts are taken using alginate  this is a powder that is mixed with  lukewarm water then place on the baby’s hand or foot and stays there until it sets usually around 30-60 seconds.


Q.. How much time will it take?   A.. For the full sitting including photo sitting and casts allow at least 1-2 hours the casting alone takes around 30-45 minuets


Q.. Does it hurt?   A.. No it can feel a little strange to them but is completely gentle like having a sponge on their foot.


Q.. Do you provide the frames for the cast?    A.. yes we have a small selection of wooden frames to choose from, but if you wish to provide your own you can. We will provide the back box and all the mounting and finish your casts and photograph off in your chosen frame.


Lasting Images now offer a mobile service to arrange an appointment call us now!

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